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Customer Case Study

The Path from Nanomaterial Design to Commercialization

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Company: Heliotrope Technologies, founded 2012

Market/Application: Industrial Smart Glass

Opportunity: Custom CeO2 design, scale-up and manufacturing used in smart glass coating.

Heliotrope Technologies* specialized in smart glass development utilizing a colloidal nanocrystal platform. Their goal was to create an affordable and efficient electrochromic glass system suitable for architecture, vehicles, and transit applications. The company aimed to establish a new benchmark in the smart glass market. However, their specific product required cerium dioxide nanoparticles that were not commercially available. They needed a material that matched their criteria in terms of appearance, functionality, and cost-effectiveness for this application.

Heliotrope already had a proof of concept which identified a crucial material for their production process: a coating including cerium dioxide nanoparticles to transform glass into ‘smart’ glass. They had already determined the technical specifications and approached Cerion to help develop nanoparticles to meet those requirements.

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*Heliotrope ceased operations in 2021. This development has enabled Cerion to share our technical collaboration with them as a case study. This case study illustrates our approach to working with clients, covering aspects of research, the scale-up process, and manufacturing.

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Proven ability to scale-up nanoparticles 1,000 to 10,000x their lab-scale counterparts while preserving critical design parameters



Infrastructure designed to ensure companies can acquire cost-effective nanoparticles at pilot and industrial scale volumes

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