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Creating Overmatch Performance for the Warfighter Through Nanomaterials


Successfully transitioning inorganic nanomaterials to product development and commercialization teams within the defense industrial base

Cerion Nanomaterials supports customers across the defense industrial base, supplying them with materials for applications as diverse as penetrators, armor, electronics, electrical systems, and energy generation. Key to our strategic competitive advantage is a relentless focus on the three (3) factors that enable nanomaterials to be designed in the lab and successfully transitioned to the warfighter - design, scale-up, and manufacturing.



High degree of precision control over nanoparticle size and technical attributes to maximize nanomaterial performance



Proven ability to scale up nanoparticles 1,000 to 10,000x their lab-scale counterparts while preserving critical design parameters



Infrastructure designed to ensure companies can acquire cost-effective nanoparticles at pilot and industrial scale volumes

Nanomaterial Services

At Cerion Nanomaterials, we don't develop end-use products or systems, only the nanomaterials that enable them - from applied research through scale-up and manufacturing. In this role, our customers stay focused on their product development, while Cerion focuses on providing customers with the exact nanomaterial composition they need, at the manufacturing scale and price point they require. 


Nanomaterial Types

We specialize in a broad class of inorganic nanomaterials spanning metals, metal oxides, and ceramics - with a wide degree of precision control of the design of the nanoparticle's size and technical attributes. This specialization is further extended to include unique compositions such as alloys, core/shells, and doped nanoparticles. Unsure if we can support a material that's not listed on our website? Just ask. 

One size does not fit all when it comes to nanomaterials. 

Small changes can have an outsized influence on a nanomaterial's performance. Off-the-shelf materials are rarely a ready-made solution to achieve specific applied research goals.  


Product Formats

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Cerion has made significant investments in our capabilities and equipment to support a wide variety of product formats. We've found this critical for supporting the diverse set of custom requirements our customers have for the integration of nanomaterials into their product or system. These include:

  • Aqueous dispersions
  • Organic dispersions
  • Powders
  • Pastes
  • Re-dispersible "wet cakes"

Technical Attributes


Building from ground-up, attaching atoms and single molecules together through controlled chemical reactions - we produce some of the smallest (down to 2 nm) nanoparticles in the industry. Cerion has demonstrated control and customization over many different attributes including, but not limited to:

  • Particle Size
  • Particle Size Distribution
  • Morphology
  • Surface Charge
  • Purity

Synthetic Pathways

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Each method to produce nanoparticles is unique, with certain advantages and disadvantages. Cerion is proficient in several methods, so our customers can be expertly matched with the optimal approach for yielding the best technical and cost performance for their product or application. Synthetic routes  include:

  • Precipitation
  • High temperature processes
  • High-energy milling


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Accessing good, timely analytical data across every step of product development is critical. It allows nanomaterial properties to be optimized for performance and ensuring those attributes are preserved during scale-up. Our dedicated, in-house analytical team’s growing list of capabilities includes:


Design, scale-up and industrial scale manufacturing of custom nanomaterials for customers developing offensive, defensive, and support related applications.