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Nanomaterial Property Reference Guide

Precisely Engineering Nanomaterials for Integration with Commercial-Scale Products.



When considering leveraging nanomaterials for a product or system, many companies focus on a single material or limited set of commercial, off-the-shelf materials, often running into several challenges - over-budget, imploded development timelines, and materials that aren't able to scale to commercial volumes. 

With over a decade of experience, we’ve demonstrated consistently that for nanomaterials to be effective, they must be purposefully designed to be as unique and distinct as the product or system they will be incorporated into. Due to quantum effects, materials take on special properties at the nano (< 100 nm) scale that are not seen in their bulk counterparts. Variations in the size and compositions of these nanoparticles can broadly impact these properties and behaviors and can therefore be finely tuned and harnessed to tackle a wide (or even limitless) range of product challenges. 

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See examples of properties that can be leveraged across many use cases when nanomaterials are designed for optimal performance, seamless integration and manufacturing.