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Industry-wide, the results of endeavors to scale-up nanomaterials have been mixed. Few companies have mastered the art of scale-up when it comes to taking a novel nanomaterial that can be produced at scale - and that is broadly accepted by manufacturers, end users, governments and the wider public as a safe, economical and useful new nanomaterial. Why? This report seeks to outline first the technical challenges in nanomaterials scale-up, followed by the commercial barriers to growth, before outlining some key considerations that will enable both users and manufacturers of nanomaterials to maximize this exciting technology faster, more economically and with optimal performance results.


  • What does it take to successfully scale-up a nanomaterial? 
  • Overcoming the technical challenges in nanotechnology
  • Hurdling the commercial and market-led barriers
  • Paving the way for future scale-up success
  • Conclusion and references 

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“Some processes work very well at the lab scale stage, but are either impractical, cost prohibitive or impossible to achieve at larger scales. Commercializing requires a whole of company approach that needs to start from the beginning of a program and has to encompass scientific, engineering and business functions to be successful. On-going planning, evaluation and clear-eyed risk prevention measures can avoid years of frustrated efforts and the loss of a significant investment. But you need experienced people who do this regularly to avoid the common pitfalls, and most companies working with nanomaterials don’t have this in-house."