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Despite their multiple diverse properties and many potential uses, companies often find it challenging to successfully incorporate nanomaterials into their products and systems for a number of reasons. We get it. We can help. 

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2022 Keynote:
What if a country other than the United States dominates the nanomaterial market?
Economic, Defense, and Foreign Policy Implications for Nations Who Don't Take a Leadership Position in Nanotechnology

While the United States currently leads the national competition for the nanomaterials industry, our competitors are catching up with the rapid exchange of scientific information that is expediating research and innovation globally as well as a trend where governments are now intervening in ways that are antithetical to free market principles. Some of those activities are disadvantaging U.S. makers and users of nanomaterials. In this presentation, Cerion Nanomaterial’s CEO, Landon Mertz, identifies the problem, provides a strong step in the right direction, and addresses how the U.S. nanomaterial industry can help secure U.S. dominance going forward.

Watch Landon's 2022 Keynote.

2021 Keynote:
How Do We Compete Going Forward?
The Global Economic Environment for US-based Nanotechnology Companies

For centuries, materials have been the foundation of all innovations – Damascus steel was a key enabler for warfare, modern day steel ushered in the second industrial revolution, and silica brought us the computing age. Important to note, the countries that had first mover advantage with materials, equally had advantages on economic, military, and societal matters. What if silica and the age of computing wasn’t driven by the United States? What would be the impact on the U.S. industrial base, GDP, employment, economy, national security, and America’s place in the international order? The race is now on... 

Watch Landon's 2021 Keynote. 

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What We Do

Cerion is the industry leader in the design, scale-up, and manufacturing of custom nanomaterials for use in products in 40+ industries. We specialize in creating nanomaterials to be compatible with our customers' products and processes. This allows for the nanomaterial to be seamlessly integrated and preserve its optimized performance, while meeting cost and volume targets with our full lifecycle support.



Precision design and customization of nanoparticles size and technical attributes. 



Robust processes to scale nanomaterials from prototype to low- and high- volume manufacturing.



Industry-leading, cost-effective manufacturing systems and production capacities.

Precisely Engineered Nanomaterials

We leverage our advanced expertise with a broad class of materials spanning metals, metal oxides and ceramics to develop custom nanomaterials that are exactly the right fit for your technical, cost, and commercialization goals. Interested in leveraging nanomaterials for your next project?